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  The Meditation Experience  

The Meditation Experience
Volumes I-IV

These nature meditations, a series of inner journeys for peace, insight and healing, will open your heart, expand your senses, and awaken your mind to the wellspring of wisdom within you.
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The Endless Ocean
Volume 21 October 2013

Adventures on the Other Side
A Meditation on Meditation
New Life with Psychotechnics
Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth



Adventures on the Other Side

Some years ago I attended a superb Omega conference in Fort Lauderdale that opened with a funny and inspiring concert by balladeer David Roth and mesmerizing talks by Marianne Williamson and Maya Angelou. The entire weekend was filled with synchronicities that led to stirring magazine interviews with Barbara Ann Brennan and Bernie Siegel, so I left the conference on Sunday afternoon with “an attitude of gratitude” that made “space for grace.” Driving a spiffy white convertible, I set out on the highway, looking for adventure until the next morning’s flight home.

A tropical storm had washed Florida so clean that the air was as sweet as incense. As dusk approached, a red sky streaked over roaring, ten-foot-high waves, creating a spectacular kaleidoscope of color and sound. I pulled my car over and walked onto the beach. Sunlight etched high contrast into the peaks and troughs of each wave. As my eyes softened to take in the beauty, my heart opened even wider than before.

In a sudden moment of transcendence I saw beyond the illusion. The waves were not separate and apart; they were the motion of the ocean: all undulations of the Greater Whole. My spirit flowed into the endless ocean, into feelings of bliss and union that forever altered my perceptions of reality. This sense of connection with nature and God remains with me today.

Later on, I thought about the oceanic nature of humanity. Our thoughts and feelings, literally waves of energy on the subatomic level, wash into our material and spiritual relationships in a search that ebbs and flows like the tides, eroding our sense of separation until consciousness merges and unites with its Source.

Life is an adventurous dive into “the deep.” We submerge ourselves in it, with the awareness that each experience increases Self-awareness, or we float along and watch events stream by, feeling alone and wondering what might have been had we only trusted our elemental goodness and power.

Blind Spots and the Quiet Call of the Soul

Perhaps you will agree that what disconnects us from our power and glory are “blind spots” created by doubt, disbelief, prejudice, and judgment. This year I discovered a blind spot of my own while writing a book, Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense (4th Dimension Press, 2013). Oddly enough, I caught myself roaming the hallways of psychic awareness, reluctant to open an attic door to the realms of angels, teachers and guides!

I had my excuses. It was too big a subject and, besides, I wanted the book to be scientifically grounded in order to convince the lay public that anyone can connect with a wise, guiding inner voice that exists to help us grow and succeed in life. But when I found myself immersed in paranormal events, I recognized my soul’s deep desire to consciously connect with intelligences on the other side. With conscious intention, I opened up to whatever might come.

Communicating with Spirits

The next thing I knew, while relaxing in a hot bath one afternoon I dropped into a mind-awake, body-asleep state of consciousness called yoga nidra (see Vol. 18) and distinctly heard a calm, clear voice say, “We’re going to give you something.” Startled, I splashed up out of the water, but soon returned to deep meditation to receive the message: a crystal-clear vision of a large frying pan filled with diced vegetables being lifted off a red-hot burner on my smooth-top stove. I felt the searing heat of the burner and jerked backward to get away from it.

I was puzzled by the meaning of this image until a painful attack of gastritis struck a few weeks later. It lasted for a full two weeks until I remembered the vision and resorted to a diet of sautéed vegetables that solved the problem.

Where did the message come from? I didn’t recognize the speaker’s voice, but was absolutely certain it was a spirit who wanted to make his/her presence known. I knew how it had happened: deep in my unconscious mind, I was open to the Field.

Soon after, I felt an impulse to communicate with my deceased father-in-law to explain why I could not attend the unveiling of his grave, a Jewish practice that takes place a year after the person’s passing. Sitting in a bedroom chair, I entered the silence of meditation and distinctly heard an elderly woman with a strong Eastern European accent exclaim, “Mosheh, you can fly now!”

Somehow I knew the woman was my father-in-law’s grandmother, urging him to awaken from oblivion to his new life: a life after death that he had not believed in. Three days later, I asked my husband if the word “Mosheh” had a meaning. He replied, with some consternation, that Mosheh is the Hebrew word for Moses. His father’s name was Moses, but I’d most certainly never heard him called that before.

These two experiences opened a door to the other side, and I could almost hear it creaking on its hinges. Time passed, and then I needed guidance on whether or not to euthanize my sick, elderly dog. Several visions in meditation convinced me that Baby was ready to leave. In one meditative vision I saw a lovely pagoda at the back of a large meadow, and in another vision, where I physically felt Baby’s spirit, I saw a person letting go of her leash so she could bound with joy into her next life with all the energy and vitality she’d enjoyed for seventeen years. Now assured that this was what she wanted me to do, I could let her go.

Binaural Beats at The Monroe Institute

With my book completed, I was free in mid-May to drive down to Virginia with my friend, Sylvia, for a week-long Gateway Experience at The Monroe Institute. I had read Robert Monroe’s three books and was intellectually curious about the effects of the binaural beats he’d invented, in which, for example, 444Hz frequencies are fed into one ear and 440Hz into the other; the brain, subtracting the difference, entrains to 4Hz, the deep theta-delta realm of the soul’s subconscious mind and psychic sixth sense.

I was also curious about where the meditations recorded by this out-of-body pioneer might take me. A vibrational thrum of inner excitement signaled that I was heading for a date with destiny, but on the conscious level I was completely unaware that the doors I’d begun to tap on at home would blast open at TMI.

Sylvia and I joined twenty-two men and women booked there as a group by Susan Duval Seminars. We knew that we would go into a “check unit” several times each day to listen with headphones to Monroe’s binaural meditations, which would carry us through a series of “focus” levels related to states of consciousness. The check unit, in which we would also sleep, would consist of a single bed with a wall of sound controls, headphones, and a heavy black curtain used to shut out light.

That’s about where the “knowns” ended and the “unknowns” began, as each person’s experiences of the focus levels would be completely unique to them.

Traveling Out of Body: Body Asleep, Mind Awake

The first sentence of Monroe’s affirmation, voiced silently near the beginning of each meditation, is “I am more than my physical body.” I’d had stark demonstrations of this several times at home. Upon awakening from yoga nidra with my lucidly awake, alert spirit hovering upright in the vicinity of my head, I’d calmly noticed that my physical head had keeled over onto my chest and was snoring like a horse!

In the first meditation at TMI, I was surprised to find myself slipping down into yoga nidra. Listening to my body snore, I suddenly found myself flying at great speed over a forested mountain with a burned-out area. I “clicked out” into unconsciousness and awakened to find myself swooping over the treetops of a lower, forested hill. Was I traveling out of body in the vicinity of TMI? Clicking out again, I awakened to find myself alone in the glass cabin of a crescent-shaped spaceship gliding smoothly and soundlessly through a starlit sky. I wondered where it was going, clicked out again, and reawakened as pure mind floating in a vast, magnificent sea of stars.

In the feedback session held after this meditation I related my experiences to the group, and a young woman named Jamie, who had hiked the area that day, said she’d seen a burned-out section of a mountain forest that looked like what I’d described.

The confirmation was gratifying, but not surprising, as these journeys were so realistic that my skeptical, conscious mind could not doubt them. The powerful vibrations and sensations of wind and speed were exhilarating, and I could hardly wait to go again.

I’d had a lifetime of experience with voices, visions, and precognitive knowing in meditations, inspired writing, sleeping dreams, and psychic readings for others. I was adept at receiving and interpreting imagery and consistently used the information to guide my life and work.

But out-of body travel was very different from received imagery: it was as if my spirit were peeling out of my body to explore other worlds and dimensions in person, and that’s exactly what happened again and again. Each new journey eroded my distrust of the seemingly “woo-woo” by transporting me into other realms located just a few frequencies away.

Decades earlier, I had constructed a theory to explain dimensional realities: that other life forms must exist in the immeasurable frequencies of the electromagnetic wave spectrum of light—below, beyond and perhaps even alongside the narrow sliver of visible-light frequencies perceived and processed by our five senses. I also knew, intellectually at least, how we communicate with life forms in other frequencies. I explained this in my Psychic Soul book: communication takes place through the personal unconscious, which is subatomically entangled with a quantum field of light that penetrates space-time and exists beyond it. We coexist in this nonlocal field with “other people’s minds, distant objects, and everything else,” I claimed, quoting physicist Dean Radin, author of Entangled Mind: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality.

But intellectual knowledge and direct personal experience are two very different things…until they coalesce into one.

Astral Landscapes and Spirit Guides

For me, the week at TMI was a phantasmagoric stream of voices and visions. Sometimes, as in psychic dreams and meditations, I received imagery; at other times, I peeled out of my body to explore strange and wonderful objects and places. In one journey I was standing in a room looking at a corner of a table decorated with a tall red flower in a vase; the flower was beautifully exotic, unlike any plant on earth, and so was the utterly still red sky outside the window of this mental creation by a soul in the astral plane.

In another vision, my dear, departed dog Tilly showed up and said that either I need a friend or she needs a friend; I couldn’t tell which. Today I see blonde Lhasa Apsas at every turn.

I’ve made use of a number of helpful insights that arose in sessions directed to personal guidance. But it was the out-of-body travels that illuminated my ego. In one meditation I found myself swan diving out of a black spaceship into two movie-like scenes: first, a fiery inferno melting a glass building, which I sprayed fire retardant; next, floodwaters rushing toward a farmhouse, whose occupants I tried to warn.

I didn’t realize until much later that family troubles had attracted me, by resonance, to real-life disasters in which I could be of help, so I interrupted these movie-like sequences with a request to see a device from the future. What showed up was a series of rectangular metal vessels linked together to transport cargo through outer space.

From this experience, I understood on a quantum level how intention directs the movement of consciousness. The next morning I voiced an intention to meet a spirit guide that day. She heard my call and answered it. After breakfast, I sat in a glass aerie to meditate and a woman’s face appeared out of the blue. Her dark hair was drawn back from her finely chiseled face, which somehow made me think of the actress, Anne Bancroft. She appeared only briefly, but with such clarity that I knew I had not imagined her.

As my conscious mind opened wider to its unconscious, my unconscious mind became more conscious. I began to eat lighter, as advised, and take walks through TMI’s beautiful mountain campus before lying down in the check unit to meditate. With a sped-up metabolism and higher vibration, I could stay awake in my unconscious mind, the realm of dreamless sleep, for longer periods of time.

Toward the end of the week, I awakened in yoga nidra to find myself flying through wispy white clouds above a mountain range. Could I touch down on earth? With just this thought, I found myself staring at the thick, shiny green leaves of a bush.

Zack’s Visits from the Spirit World

Apparently, I was not ready to see departed loved ones, but other people were and did. Jamie set an intention to see her deceased brother, Zack, in meditation, and in a vision she saw Zack smiling and pointing to her pregnant belly. Jamie knew she wasn’t pregnant, so she took the vision to mean that Zack wanted her to settle down and raise a family. She left TMI still under that impression, until Zack gave her the same message three weeks later in a lucid dream.

Jamie underwent medical testing and discovered, to her family’s startled delight, that while at TMI she had been two weeks pregnant. Only Zack’s spirit had known of her condition.

This wasn’t the first time Zack, in spirit, had communicated with his family. Soon after his passing, he contacted his mother, sister and cousin by cell phone. Six of his crackling, static-filled calls interrupted conversations with others, and some of them heard his voice. Zack “called” six other times while Jamie’s friends were leaving voice messages for her. Listening repeatedly to these recorded messages, Jamie and her family made out his words: “seeing many people,” “visit you at the house,” “love you,” “I am better,” and “it’s sooo perfect.”

Zack also “telephoned” his father during a dream. Even after Roger awakened, he continued to hear his son’s low, muffled voice in his ear.

The Dawson family played Zack’s recorded messages for our group at TMI. Everyone was excited and encouraged by this undeniable proof of the immortality of the soul—and the determination of this caring spirit to communicate with his loving family.

Dolphin Healings, Spirit Rescues, and Soul Purposes

I asked my soul in a meditative writing to explain the purpose of my amazing experiences at home and at The Monroe Institute. All of it was simply to help me understand the nature of reality and what was possible for me. Above all, what I learned was the importance of staying open to all experience and doubting nothing.

The other people in our group received much the same lessons. Some were healed by dolphin energies. Others met teachers and guides in Focus 21, the bridge to the other side. Beyond the veil, a few people led lost spirits into the light in what’s called “spirit rescue.” Sometimes, these spirits communicated their names and identified the circumstances of their deaths.

One woman found herself in the presence of angels singing their love for her. Many people received life-altering visions and deeply felt the ineffable love that touched us all in so many ways.

However, not everyone in our group had profound experiences, and a few had no visions or insights at all. Discussions over lunch revealed that these non-meditators were caught up in random thoughts and mind chatter during sessions.

Apparently, not even Bob Monroe’s binaural beats can engage the restless inattention of the busy mind.

Opening to the Superconscious

What can be gained, you might wonder, from encounters with teachers, guides, spirit people, astral worlds and alien crafts? For me, said my soul, “…the eyes and ears are opened more now than ever before, for what calls thee to the full range of experience is now available when needed and wanted.”

The great psychic, Edgar Cayce, said we evolve in this way: the sixth sense of the waking or sleeping soul connects with its higher self to gather information or travel through the ethers. By communing with the higher self and its “community of saints”—angels, teachers and guides—in the superconscious, the soul becomes superconscious and performs the greatest service of all: bringing earth to heaven and heaven to earth.

Today I know the truth of this in every particle of my being. The purpose of life in this earth is to make conscious contact with Infinite Mind in order to make the two One. In this union is the love that comforts, heals, and grows us, until we are uplifted, as if upon a wave, into the cosmic ocean of bliss.

When we are asleep to our full potential, as I was, we are unconscious. But we can wake up. And in our conscious awareness of God, we release our imprisoned splendor: the peace and love the world is seeking.



A Meditation on Meditation

The following reading, adapted from a Kahlil Gibran writing, or perhaps written as Gibran would have phrased it, was a handout in Max Cade’s 1970s classes on meditation and psychotechnics at a London growth center. (See the following article for more on psychotechnics.) I recently found this in materials that belonged to Max’s protégée, my teacher Anna Wise, who brought EEG awakened mind meditation training to America.

his beautiful writing reveals ways to stay more “awake” in meditation and in everyday life.

“A Student went to the Wise One and said: ‘Speak to us of Meditation.’ And the Wise One answered, saying:

‘You live in a world which is hypnotized by the illusion of time. A world in which the so-called present moment is seen as nothing but an Infinitesimal hairline dividing an all-powerful causative Past from a fascinatingly important and alluring Future. But you have no Present. Your consciousness is fully preoccupied with Memories on the one hand and Expectations on the other.

‘You do not comprehend that there never was, is, nor ever will be any other Experience than Present Experience.

‘You are therefore out of touch with reality and live in a world of illusion. You meditate when you attend, without attachment, to the Here and the Now. When your unfocused mind is aware, without comment, of whatever IS…

‘You meditate when, without ceasing to be conscious of your body and your mind, and of the clamouring voices of your environment, you become increasingly attuned to the Voice of the Silence, to the Wisdom of your Higher Self.

‘You meditate when, in the quietness of the Woods and Fields, or in the peace of some old Church, you turn inwards for a while to share the Stillness of God. Yet you meditate more worthily when in the thick of Life’s battlefield, in the heat and dust and strife of the daily round, you carry with you that same Stillness, so that your heart becomes the Temple of your Spirit.

‘You meditate when you live neither wholly in this world nor in that, when you steep your mind in the waters of divine creativity and intelligence, and your every act is redeemed by being taken up into something greater than itself.

‘You meditate when, in the agony of indecision, you say Not my Will, God, but thy Will be done.

‘But you meditate most of all when you listen – with the ear of your body and the ear of your mind and the ear of your soul – to that soundless voice that speaks from the eternal cosmos and bids you to be One with all Life.’”



New Life with Psychotechnics

As part of the awakened mind courses Max Cade conducted in London in the 1970s and ‘80s, he taught psychotechnics, which he defined as “a practical humanistic branch of psychology which teaches those skills requisite to self-awareness, self-understanding and self-control.” The aim of this course was to enable the individual to become what s/he already is in potentiality—a process towards self-actualization.

Cade further explained that psychotechnics is an art and a technology concerned with the range of our ability to act and maximize our potentials. It is used for the development of mental fluency and the ability to master our states of consciousness.

Psychothechnics has four major aspects:

     1) Openness to life and experience
     2) Empathy
     3) Excellence in interpersonal relationships
     4) The ability to still the mind, to be calm and meditate.

Working on any of these aspects automatically improves the other three; however, the practice of meditation easily develops the other areas. For this reason, Cade asked his students to use the inner inquiry of meditation to ascertain objectively how well they functioned in the outer world.

First and foremost, the idea is to see/visualize yourself clearly and without judgment, as you answer the following questions. Spend two minutes reflecting inwardly on each one.

Openness to life and experience:

     a) Your ability to find something potentially useful in everything, including criticism
     b) Your readiness to go into something completely alien


     a) Your ability to be able to feel what others are feeling
     b) Your ability to enter the state they are in without become affected or imbalanced by it
     c) Your ability to give the right response to the situation without telling them what to do

Excellence in Interpersonal Relationships:

     a) Excellence not just in relationships with your friends and those that are easy, but also your family, parents, relations and working associates.


     a) Your ability to still the mind, be calm and meditate, not just at home or in class, but in situations of personal or environmental turmoil.

For the second part of the exercise, go through the questions again and see things as you would like them to be. Spend another two minutes on each question then get together in partners of two or three to discuss your answers and insights.

In discussion, the circle of people I did this exercise with learned a great deal from each other. Two people had little to no empathy and planned to meditate on how to regain it. Several people felt they had so much empathy that they physically felt other people’s emotions and consequently tended to withdraw from certain people to protect themselves.

Cade’s point was that mastery means being able to empathize with others from a calm place of compassionate non-attachment, which is most easily developed in meditation.

As our lead article points out, choosing to separate from anything creates self-separation and the blind spots that disconnect us from Oneness. If we are to be truly awake, then we must find ways to stay open, receptive, empathetic and compassionate with All That Is—like ocean waves ebbing and flowing without borders or boundaries.



Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth

Not long ago, I wondered—and not for the first time—what my life would have been like, had I followed my teenage impulse to enter a Catholic nunnery and committed to a vow of silence. People who know me laugh at this idea for a variety of predictable reasons. Still, I feel drawn to a life of quiet contemplation.

One day, while taking a shower, I heard myself ask how to live in the earth and higher consciousness at the same time. The answer came after an especially deep and powerful meditation, when I picked up pen and paper and listened deeply. I hope this meditative writing helps you as much as it helped me.

                                    September 25, 2013

“What is sought, dear one, lies within thee, waiting to emerge like light cascading over waves of water in a river wending its way to the sea. In the depths of water lies a stillness and a darkness that exists because of its distance from the surface, and in these depths arises what needs to be said by thee in this work.

“Harken to it now.

“In all the days and ways of men lie beliefs in the greatness of nature and what force lies within the earth and cosmos that brought each and every object to animation and life. None can begin to grasp the wonders of life beyond the earth, except in the dreams traveling in sleep to carry the soul to its Maker—the higher self—and the forces that pervade all things.

“For in the journeys of the soul lie all things manifest and unmanifest: the tinkling of music in the realms of color and form, the lift of the heart into its fondest dreams, the reach of the higher self into its joy and bliss, as it merges with the fabric of light whence it came. No greater joy exists, no greater love, and yet, shadows of it exist on earth in the human body that falls in love and is enlightened by that love as it grows and radiates outward to touch and uplift the world.

“It is this love which permeates the seen and unseen, the material and the realm of the spirit. And so it is that merely a desire, an intention, connects each human soul with the infinite, when love is the carrier of the desire and intention for more love. More love comes, as light settles upon waves in the streaming river and beckons to the surface the wisdom and knowledge harbored in the quiet darkness of the sleeping soul.

“The soul awakens to this light and finds in it a pathway to wonders beyond its imagining. Each step toward that Greater Love awakens more joy and feelings of love and belonging, until there is no turning back and darkness and unknowing are no more. There is only light, only love, and it lifts one and all.

“And so it is that love and loving kindness circulate love in the rivers of the world and the seas of the spirit. What comes is oneness with the past, present and future, so that time unfolds in daily life from the mind that works, sleeps and eats, yet for the soul occupying the heart and mind, all events seem as-one in the present moment and are known before they occur.

“The soul foresees and in its perspective forgives and forgets what is in the past, shedding hurtful events as one sheds an unseen film on the skin. For in the light of love is no pain, worry and fear; only love, hope and joy. The soul perceives what occurs in its earthbound life, good and bad, but names neither, for all events lead to greater knowledge and understanding of the path to love and more sustained transcendence. Blissful feelings such as gratitude, patience, forbearance and acceptance enable the soul to be a light in the world, yet not separate from it. For its greatest work is in the earth and other places where darkness abounds.

“It has been asked by thee, ‘How do I live in the earth and enjoy the earthly life while being higher in consciousness?’ This is the question of many who fail to see the soul’s ultimate purpose and destiny: to bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven. To bring the darkness to light, and light to darkness. To lift and free All That Is from the separations which exist in form and in the formless, which seeks, above all, to unite All That Is.

“How to live life as a servant of the heavens, the infinite Cosmos, the All That Is?

“Live in love, in every minute of every day, holding none apart in judgment or separation, avoiding accusation, seeking only to find common good for the purpose of peace and unity.

“Who are my enemies and friends? All must be part of thy Beloved family. Who have I not forgiven for past offenses? What do I hesitate to do, for fear that I am not good enough or will be judged as less than perfect?

“When does my joy cease and what increases it? These are the keys to living in the consciousness of the soul connected with its higher self.

“What lifts us into the truth of our being, that obstacles may be removed from the path of soul, that light may shine upon the river of destiny and guide us to the oceans of spirit in each realm of life? The self-awareness of the quiet mind contemplating its purposes, desires, intentions and directions. Only the quiet mind finds truth, in the feeling of truth that pervades the soul and thus makes that connection.

“Borne upon the river are flashes of light that beckon each human soul to its highest and finest purpose. If the eyes are open to possibilities, not a glimmer of light will escape the mind, heart and soul. Searching for the intention reveals all, and all is thus revealed.”




“In the light of love, we are whole
In the light of love, we are home
In the light of love, we heal and sing
Thy will be done
In the light of love.”
Miten and Deval Premal

“Each person enfolds something of the spirit of the other.”
David Bohm, physicist

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud
Was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin, author


The Still, Small Voice

The mission of this newsletter is to bring you the inner peace needed to access the voice of your soul. With this guidance we are lifted into our highest and best, and the Earth becomes a more humane and enlightened place.

Judith Pennington, editor

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"Excellent, pertinent and captivating writing. Thanks!"

Keith Varnum
Phoenix, Arizona


"I read your newsletter and loved, loved, loved it. The article on blame was great! I also loved your Conversations with Cass. I’ve asked the same questions (about religion) myself and your answers were so right on target."

D.L., New Jersey


"I receive many e-mails about the war with Iraq. Your articles are the first to come to the understanding that war looms about us because we require its presence to learn about peace. Thanks for your words."

Pat Walker
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"I really enjoyed your article on Lobsang Samten. I am very sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and greatly appreciate their lifestyle and religion. Your article was insightful and enjoyable. Keep writing your excellent articles! Sticky questions and dilemmas for sticky times."

Melody C.
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