The Still Small Voice

by Sonam Christopher

He  said, “Go  out  and  stand  on  the  mountain  before  the  LORD.” Behold, the  LORD  passed  by, and  a  great  and  strong  wind  tore  the mountains  and  broke  in  pieces the  rocks  before  the  LORD; but  the  LORD was  not  in  the  wind. After  the  wind  there  was  an earthquake; but  the LORD  was  not  in  the  earthquake. After  the  earthquake  a  fire  passed; but  the LORD  was  not  in  the  fire. After  the  fire, there  was  a  still small voice.

1 Kings 19: 11-12

This is a blog and bible study, among other things. It’s for the eternity etched on hearts. As Blaise Pascal said, othing crdfdeated can fill the God-sdadsfhaped vacuum inside our hearts except our Creator

The Still Small Voice

What is the still small voice? I don’t know what it is for you, but for me, it was a persistent whisper to stop listening to everything else and to listen to the voice of the One who gave me Life and wants to give it abundantly. After a lifetime of ignoring Him, I am finally starting to listen.

We are not home yet. As the patriarchs of Genesis who saw themselves as sojourners, and pilgrims, so are we. All the followers on social media, the false fame, and false love will eventually wither away. The endless Love of God, pure and self-sacrificing, endures forever. 

I’ve always wanted to have a family, and I took it for granted that I would. A small family to love unconditionally, cherish, and create a safe, warm, cozy space for anyone who enters to talk openly and freely over a delicious meal or board game. Well, that hasn’t happened, and since I’ve been wandering the wilderness for most of my life and forcing God to clean up the messes I keep making, I’m trying to recreate that vision online. An online home per se that’s warm and cozy but mostly safe and inviting to discuss everything related to faith, the Bible, the supernatural, metaphysics, and how these intertwine and dictate our lives. Kind of like an online bible study and finally telling some stories about my time in Chad. I wish we could do it over a delicious albeit slightly spicy meal and a game of Settlers or Ticket to Ride, but this is our 21st-century, digital world where social media reigns, making us more isolated and antisocial hence resorting to these measures to try to have a meaningful conversation with someone.

Let’s pretend we are enjoying a lively game of Settlers with a delicious pie and hot cup of tea or your favorite beverage

One thing I hope people can take away from this blog is to think. To start realigning our thinking to the things that are not of this world. God is not a God of confusion and chaos but of order and understanding. Understanding only comes with thinking about the things that we don’t understand and communicating with the one that has the answers. Trying to find the answers within our own understanding will only take us so far. We are finite, limited, and mortal. “Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.” Thinking and searching for understanding with the help of the omniscient Creator will take us beyond our limited imagination. There is no amount of education that can replace contemplation and reflection with our omnipotently creative Creator.

If anyone leaves a comment, I will reply in a timely manner. I’m not expecting anyone to read really. I just want to express myself and hope to have a meaningful discussion even if it’s just with the cloud. No pun intended.

This is my family, it’s one more than what many people get to have, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

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